Suicide Bomber Detection




Suicide Bomber Detection

Suicide Bomber has becomes a tactic and a weapon of choice for the extreme Muslim terrorists, and is the Method of Operation by Al- Qaeda & the Global Jihad movement worldwide. Suicide Terrorism can be used as WMD with devastating results, as were the case in the September the 11th attack on the World trade center and the Pentagon in the USA.

Building a Suicide Bomber, the mindset and indoctrination process.

Suicide Bomber Attack and the Dirty Bomb: Assessing NYC Readiness

Bomb Threat Stand Off Chart


What suspicious signs can give away a suicide-bomber?

External Appearance

  • Clothes unsuitable for the place or climate or significantly bigger then the person body
  • A person who is using dress and behavior to try to blend in, but it is clear he or she does not belong
  • Obvious disguise or one that does not correspond to his or her behavior

Suspicious Behavior

  • Repeated attempts to steer clear of security and police
  • Walking slowly while glancing from side to side, or running in a suspicious manner
  • Nervous, hesitant, mumbling

Suspect Equipment

  • A suitcase, shoulder- or hand-bag, backpack
  • Electrical Wires, switches, shrapnel or electronic devices sticking out of a bag or pocket

How do you identify a suspicious vehicle?

  • License-plate looks “improvised” or mismatched (front and back are different)
  • It is parked for long time in a central place or in a no-parking zone
  • The vehicles trunk sags noticeably (loaded down) or is leaking fluid

What do you do in case you suspect something?

  • Take no risks!
  • Call the authorities and report as many details as possible about the suspect
  • Survey the situation from a safe distance and report any changes

Suicide Bombers are you Ready?

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